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Our guide to the Tin House Coffee brand


The Tin House branding is inspired by the chalkboards used by businesses in shanty towns and slums. Its print and online material uses a simple colour palette, clean typography and a distinctive illustration style. This page describes the major components of its visual identity.

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The logo is designed to be easy to draw on a chalkboard. On print and digital material, however, use an officially supplied logo. Don’t attempt to recreate it. It’s harder than it looks!


The primary typeface for Tin House Coffee, including its logo and printed material is CMU Typewriter by Donald Knuth.

Slate Grey

#333238 R:51 G:50 B:56 C:9 M:11 Y:0 K:78 Pantone Solid Coated 426 C


#FFFFFF R:255 G:255 B:255 C:0 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Rock Grey

#9B98A2 R:155 G:152 B:162 C:4 M:6 Y:0 K:36 Pantone Solid Coated 2358 C