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Brand Guidelines


Inform and inspire

Communication is key when creating a strong brand. Drop Inn’s brand should continually inform and inspire. Positive messages made in a personal way make a much bigger impact than generic, corporate negative ones. We are seeing great things happen when people pull together.

Language and Tone

Brand is more than the visual palette, it also includes language, attitude and reputation.

When you’re writing, whether it’s in an email, letter or text message, keep the tone consistent. It should be simple, friendly. informal and concise.

Use everyday, understandable language. Keep in mind that your audience could be wide-ranging with varying levels of education.

Writing guide

  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Drop Inn literature should be written in British English, unless it’s for a specific region or country.
  • Keep writing fluid, interesting and engaging, using a conversational tone.
  • Headings should be in sentence case, titles in title case.
  • Avoid repetition. Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Don’t overuse a name or term.
  • Don’t waffle: you’re not writing an essay!
  • Read it twice.

The Drop Inn logotype looks easy to draw, but don’t attempt it. You should download it from our official resource library.


The Drop Inn logotype.

Dropinn Lockups

Logo lockups


Metro Nova is our official typeface. It should be used on all material where possible. If the font is not available, use the system font. Eg. Segoe on Windows, San Francisco on iOS / MacOS. This is usually the default sans serif font.


Graphic design

  • Drop Inn’s visual design relies on a handful of rule-of-thumbs:
  • It’s all about the photography.
  • Graphical elements should be flat — no shadows, gradients or bevels. Keep an eye on rounded corners too. Have adequate padding around text.
  • Keep it simple! Whitespace is our friend.

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